Local Search: What is it and how does it help businesses?

Local search example
Local search example

It’s simple. Web searchers type in the name of a city and the service desired into a search engine. Within seconds, a dozen or so of business websites, ratings and reviews appear in the results. The tap of a finger on a smartphone can begin directions or make a phone call to any of these places.

It’s called local search, and it’s an umbrella term for Internet resources that help consumers find businesses in their area. Today, 54 percent of Americans use local search to help make decisions on which businesses to use for their needs.

The greatest benefit of local search is the accessibility to information. The Internet is now held in a majority of front pockets and accessible 24 hours a day. Download our white paper to find out how to optimize your business for local search.


Three elements your website could be missing

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In the digital age, consumers have taken it upon themselves to do their own research on products, services and business reputation. Minds are made up within milliseconds on whether or not a website appears to be reputable, and have little tolerance for hard to find – or worse, missing – information.

Make your business website standout with these three elements.

White papers

White papers are downloadable packets of information about a business’s particular product or service. They are excellent for educating consumers on the value of what you have to offer, as well as situating yourself as an expert in your industry. Include statistics, infographics and bullet points to keep your white paper brief, but informative.

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Quick stat: 42 percent of Internet users read white papers to justify purchasing decisions.

Client testimonials

Client testimonials offer an invaluable, peer-to-peer persuasion element to your website. When visitors to your page see others think you’re as great as you say you are, it builds up your company’s reputation and trust for future business opportunities.

Quick stat: Focusing on users instead of yourself can increase sales by 90 percent.

Links to other resources

It’s great you’re taking the time to maintain your business’s e-newsletter, blog and Facebook account. But if you don’t include links to these pages from your website, you are limiting their potential for growth. As your email, blog and social media presences get bigger, as do the number of links back to your main webpage, increasing your search engine optimization (the ability of you to be found in a web search.)

Quick stat: 81 percent of business buyers start their quest with a general web search.

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