How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

You start your day getting up, showering, brushing your teeth, grabbing a cup of coffee on the run and finally making it to the office. What’s the first thing you do? Check your email. We all do it. In fact, the average office worker receives 120 emails every day! With so much to sift through, a lot of emails can get lost in the shuffle. Create a successful email marketing strategy to keep your company top-of-mind and to engage with both current and prospective customers.

Create Segmented Email Lists

Have you been sending every email to every person who’s ever subscribed to your emails? Yikes! It’s time for that to change. To continue to build your email lists you can solicit subscriptions on your website and social sites. But, instead of simply having an individual provide their name and email address, create a more robust form. After they provide the basics, ask additional questions to get to know the customer. How often do they want to receive emails from you? What are they interested in hearing about from your business? What do their buying habits look like? Questions like this will allow for you to create separate email lists and speak directly to their interests when crafting your emails, increasing your chances of conversion.

Establish Your End Goal

Before you begin writing your email, start by figuring out what it is that you want your audience to do. Are you looking to increase traffic to your website? Attend an event? Write a review? Then, what does a successful campaign look like for that specific objective? Not only will this strategy help you to write your send, but it will also prove to be beneficial when it comes the measuring its success and showing real, measurable ROI.

Content Creation

Once you’ve established a goal for your email, writing will be a breeze! Make sure the content provides your audience with enough information to pique their interest, but short enough to where they aren’t reading paragraphs. Call-to-action buttons (Learn More, Contact Us, RSVP, Book An Appointment, etc.) are particularly helpful in inciting action from your audience while increasing the chances of a click-through to a website or other landing page. Make the content as personal as possible. Sprinkle in verbiage that makes your audience feel like you’re just talking to them, as opposed to the hundreds of people on your list.

Mind Your Design

When writing your email, incorporate as much of your brand as possible – i.e. logos, color schemes, fonts, etc. so that it’s an accurate representation of your brand standards and so that your audience can identify that the email is from you and isn’t spam. Before you go ahead and schedule your email or press “send,” send a preview to yourself and view it on a mobile device, desktop and tablet to catch any formatting issues proactively rather than retroactively.

Consistency is Key

Remember when we were creating segmented email lists and asked our audience how often they’d like to hear from us? Well, it’s time to make good on those requests. Some people may want to hear from you once every week, while others may opt for less frequent communication. Or, if you can’t commit to sending more than a couple emails every month, tell them! It’s important to set a clear expectation up front and then follow through.


Email isn’t something you can “set and forget.” Every month, sit down and look at how each individual email performed. What were your open, delivery, and click-through rates? Does certain content receive more engagement than others? What kind of devices is your audience using to open and view your emails on? Do certain times of the (AM/PM) day have an effect on email performance? After each send, take a look at your email’s data and draw some conclusions in order to determine the most valuable content for your consumers and your business.

Want more? Let’s talk! TAG’s Digital Media Team can help you in all areas of Email Marketing – from design and email list creation to copy, and beyond!


It’s the night before Christmas, and these faces will get you edited out of family photos

A Christmas story told with the help of Director of Digital Services Anne Spoden

Whether you have a go-to pose or just can’t even by the time family photo time rolls around, take notes as we tell you the story of how NOT to take a holiday photo this year!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all throughout TAG,
We got a lesson on posing from the singular Anne.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
Anne stood by the tree with her usual flair.
See, while we in the office typed away at our desks,
Visions of family photos danced in our heads.
I writing content and Anne writing estimates,
Had just settled down after yesterday’s Festivus,
When Anne suddenly started and rose to her feet,
Exasperated with photos on her Facebook Newsfeed.
“We have to end this madness,” said she,
And we both ventured out by the HAVlife tree.

The first common face that we struck from the list
Was the duck face—half-closed eyes and pursed lips.

Then appeared the face that you throw
When you’re so over it—and want everyone to know.

The next face, though cheery, we forbid you to make;
Let’s just call it the “too much wine peace” face.

This “excited to be here” face is too much,
Though genuine, tone it down just a touch!

We call this one the “I refuse to smile after those
offensive comments you made during dinner” pose.


Her eyes all a-twinkle, having said her short piece,
Anne returned to her desk with a sigh of relief.
We in the office all oohed and we aahed;
Anne’s expertise earned her rounds of applause.
Now we had a guide; we had no need to dread,
And those awkward family photos flew from our heads.
She sprang back to her work, to her team gave a wink,
And away we all went, working together in sync.
So, from the TAG team to you, from our office so bright,
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!