Five reasons to hire a professional Media Buyer

Media Buyer Image

Media buying may seem like a straightforward affair, but coordinating effective and efficient messaging across radio, television, print, outdoor and digital platforms can be more complicated than your company might be prepared to handle alone.  Here are five reasons why you should hire a professional Media Buyer instead.

  1.  Tools of the Trade.  Professional Media Buyers have specific software and other tools at their disposal that your company would typically not invest in.  These tools allow Media Buyers to use industry formulas and audience ratings subscriptions to make educated recommendations based on data-driven results.
  1. Big Picture.  Professional Media Buyers have the ability to see your company’s big picture.  Often times individual Sales Reps are focused on the products they provide and aren’t looking out for your company’s best interests.  Media Buyers look at all media objectively and make the best decision based on your target customers and overall marketing goals.
  1. Practice makes perfect.  Professionals are professional for a reason.Experienced Media Buyers have honed their negotiation skills and have established long term relationships with media partners that can lead to premium opportunities that an unexperienced buyer would not be able to leverage.  Experienced Media Buyers have industry knowledge and are able to recommend the right media mix to deliver your companies message to their target market.
  1. Budget friendly.  When planning what to buy, Media Buyers evaluate various factors which include but are not limited to station formats, pricing rates and demographics to create an optimized buy that serves your company’s campaign goals. Going it alone can end up being more expensive without the expertise of an experienced Media Buyer.   
  1. Everything in one place.  By working with a Media Buyer you are able to avoid the hassles of being inundated with calls from Media Sales Reps, having to decipher Media Invoices and the time spent researching all the different mediums available. Media Buyers become the point of contact for all media reps thus freeing up your time.

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