Top 5 benefits of updating your old website

If the last time you revised the design of your website was three years ago or more, it is in your benefit to update. Beyond the most apparent advantage of a fresh new look, there are many others you may never have considered.

TAG’s Top 5 benefits of updating your old website:

1.       Easier to edit:

Old websites were designed using hard coding, in which persons trained in HTML were needed to make any changes to the page. Contrary to this old system, a new option available today is the Content Management System, or CMS. The major advantage of a CMS over hard coding is, it is much simpler for the “average” computer user to go in and make changes to the page as needed.

2.       More user friendly:

Consumers’ implicit expectations for websites are in a constant state of change. What was the norm for layout and content on sites even a handful of years ago is not the same as it is today. Investing in routine website design updates ensures your company stays relevant and user friendly to all visitors to your page.

3.       Sleeker image:

Again, the rule of thumb I like to give for redesigning websites is to do so every two to three years. Neglecting this pragmatism with a static web appearance can make you appear just that – neglectful. Take pride in this important aspect of your business, by maintaining an informational and engaging site.

 4.       Improved search engine optimization:

One of the biggest advantages newer websites have is better Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO is the ability of a website to be picked up by search engines such as Google or Yahoo when Internet users type in key words. The reason for this difference is primarily due to the way the site is built and the elements inside – such as photos, videos and blogs.

 5.       Mobile compatibility:

Contrary to their older counterparts, a majority of newly designed websites are mobile optimized for Smartphone and tablet users. This means the content on the page is not only quick to load, but is set to appropriate scale and easy to find. With 20 percent of the U.S.’s Internet use streaming from these two sources, mobile compatibility is not an element to be overlooked.

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Successful Website Designs

As a website developer, I have seen many older sites that are essentially nothing more than an online business card. From a basic functionality standpoint, this isn’t recommended – especially with the tremendous growth of expectations from Internet users.

Web designs should be both visually and intellectually engaging for consumers. Meaning, content is not only useful, but also easily sharable across various social mediums. Navigation between pages should be simple and a page devoted to photos, news and entertainment in your line of work showcasing your expertise is an excellent idea.

Just as important to a successful website design is staying true to the brand’s image. A website’s layout and content should be harmonious with all aspects of your business – such as print, television and billboard advertisements – to strengthen brand identity and customer loyalty!

Finally, in a world ever growing in number of tablets and SmartPhones, mobile optimization of websites is becoming a necessity. All TAG’s web projects are designed right out of the gate with mobile compatibility, keeping you relevant to your target audiences.

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Andy Erickson, Website Developer