It’s the night before Christmas, and these faces will get you edited out of family photos

A Christmas story told with the help of Director of Digital Services Anne Spoden

Whether you have a go-to pose or just can’t even by the time family photo time rolls around, take notes as we tell you the story of how NOT to take a holiday photo this year!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all throughout TAG,
We got a lesson on posing from the singular Anne.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
Anne stood by the tree with her usual flair.
See, while we in the office typed away at our desks,
Visions of family photos danced in our heads.
I writing content and Anne writing estimates,
Had just settled down after yesterday’s Festivus,
When Anne suddenly started and rose to her feet,
Exasperated with photos on her Facebook Newsfeed.
“We have to end this madness,” said she,
And we both ventured out by the HAVlife tree.

The first common face that we struck from the list
Was the duck face—half-closed eyes and pursed lips.

Then appeared the face that you throw
When you’re so over it—and want everyone to know.

The next face, though cheery, we forbid you to make;
Let’s just call it the “too much wine peace” face.

This “excited to be here” face is too much,
Though genuine, tone it down just a touch!

We call this one the “I refuse to smile after those
offensive comments you made during dinner” pose.


Her eyes all a-twinkle, having said her short piece,
Anne returned to her desk with a sigh of relief.
We in the office all oohed and we aahed;
Anne’s expertise earned her rounds of applause.
Now we had a guide; we had no need to dread,
And those awkward family photos flew from our heads.
She sprang back to her work, to her team gave a wink,
And away we all went, working together in sync.
So, from the TAG team to you, from our office so bright,
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!