Valentine’s Day—Social Media Style

Valentine’s Day—Social Media Style

Social media friends, be warned—Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Whether you classify yourself as single or taken this year, Valentine’s Day can cause anyone to feel a flurry of unsavory emotions—especially with all those crazy V-Day posts blowing up your news feed! Follow us as we examine the types of social media posts you can expect to see this Valentine’s Day, and uncover the true essence of this Hallmark holiday.

Look What I Got!
It happens every year—your friends upload photos of their special Valentine’s Day haul, captioned with something like, “My boo knows me so well, he’s the best! #loveyou #ValentinesDay.”

If you’re single, these photos just serve to show you another romantic holiday you’re missing out on. But don’t worry, whether you’re sitting at home sulking, or out with your love, we can all agree that spending the evening of Valentine’s Day scrolling through social media and judging your friends gifts is a treasured tradition.

 Look What I got

PDA, Go Away
Come on, Kimye—knock it off. Why is it that couples feel the need to share their PDA via social media every Valentine’s Day? We’re not prudes, but no one wants to watch you and your significant other play tonsil hockey all over our news feed. And let’s be honest, seeing your friends celebrating the day with their significant others is the worst when you’re alone, stuffing your face with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.


Anti-Valentine’s Day
There’s bound to be one or two people on your feed who hate Valentine’s Day, and are determined to let you know. This year, be prepared to witness a few posts about how Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday, or how being single is the worst. When you run into these posts, our advice to you is to scroll right along, and thank yourself for not giving into the crazy.

Liz Lemon

Single’s Awareness Day
The complete opposite of V-Day haters, some people take a different approach, and turn Valentine’s Day into their own personal Single’s Awareness Day. These individuals are truly an inspiration to us all to look on the bright side—and for that, we thank you!

V-Day Ecard

Alright, everyone. Now that you know what to be on the lookout for, it’s time to prepare yourself for the onslaught of social media posts this weekend. Even if you’re absolutely dreading Valentine’s Day, we can all agree that the holiday we’re REALLY looking forward to is February 15—Discount Chocolate Day!

Discount Chocolate

The holidays are good for these three things

Say hello to the most wonderful time of the year—the holidays are here! While we understand that the holiday season brings different traditions and meanings for everyone, we’d argue that there are a few holiday festivities that are loved by all. Here’s a list of the three best things all of us at TAG look forward to each and every holiday season!

Binge watching holiday classics
December is the one time of year you can snuggle up with a warm cup of cocoa and binge watch your favorite holiday movies—without feeling guilty about all the other things you “should” be doing instead. Come December 1, all agendas go out the window. The only thing that matters is catching that seven o’clock premiere of Miracle on 34th Street, followed up by Elf on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas! Face it, there’s no way not to smile while watching these holiday classics.


Sippin’ some seasonal delights
It’s time to get those taste buds ready, because the holidays are known to produce some killer drink combos. Peppermint mocha lattes? Eggnog … with peppermint schnapps? Warm apple cider? Yes please! One sip of these seasonal delights is all you need to instantly embrace the holiday spirit. Some restaurants are even taking their love for holiday beverages to the next level by adding a little festive flare to their menus—like eggnog flavored pancakes and peppermint milkshakes. We approve!

Brace Yourselves

Spending quality time with the family
All joking aside, the number one thing to look forward to during the holiday season is the quality time you get to spend with your family and friends. Holiday parties bring the perfect excuse for everyone to get together, eat good food, drink good drinks and create wonderful memories. No matter the traditions your family chooses to follow, it’s always nice to spend this time of year with those most important to you.



All of us at TAG wish you and your family a very happy holiday! May you watch too many holiday movies, drink way too many holiday drinks and spend some much needed quality time with those you love. Cheers, everyone!

Start thinking about holiday gifts

Most of us usually do not want to start thinking about the holidays until we see snow on the ground, but the holidays will be here before we know it.  Now is the time to start thinking about what gifts you are going to give your clients and employees for the holidays.

Christmas is a popular time to give clients and employees gifts to acknowledge how much you value them. However, Thanksgiving and New Years are also a great time to give gifts.  You can give a gift to your clients and or employees for Thanksgiving to show you thankful you are for their business or service.  New Years gifts are a way to wish your clients and employees a successful year.

Food gifts are a popular and great way to show your appreciation to your customers during the holidays.  When giving a food gift, you should personalize the gift by adding your logo or company name.  This will help with brand awareness to your clients. Some ideas of food gifts are M&Ms, chocolates, cookies, candy or hot chocolate.

The first step is to determine who you would like to purchase gifts for and sort them into groups such as new clients, biggest clients, friend and client, potential clients and employees.  Once this has been determine you should set budgets for each group on what you would like to spend. This will help make the process of ordering gifts easier.

Here are some ideas on gifts for different groups of recipients as well as different price points.

New Clients: Try to send something with universal appeal, as you may not know these clients all that well as you continue to build your relationship with them.

  • Relaxation kits
  • Food gifts
  • Delicious coffee
  • Candy Jar

Biggest Clients:  Send a gift that cost more and are a little more upscale.  Since these clients bring in the most profit for your company, you want to show your appreciation to them.

  • Briefcase
  • Wine set
  • Nice pen set
  • Gemstone clock

Friend and Clients:  For clients who you have strong relationships with you could get gifts that are more intimate and even humorous.

  • Laptop or iPad case
  • Custom Greeting Cards
  • Nuts/Chocolates
  • Tumbler or mug with coffee or chocolate

Suzette Ciszek researches and assists clients with their promotional product needs. She has a Bachelor of Science in marketing from Northern Illinois University, a Masters of Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management and is pursuing a Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information certification that focuses on the promotional products industry.