Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2015

Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2015

The best part about the Super Bowl is always the commercials. The Super Bowl has given us commercials like the E-Trade baby, and the VW one where the kid is dressed like Darth Vader and turns on a car using “the force.” To get us excited for this year’s commercials, we took a look back at last year’s commercials and picked our top five, as well as three honorable mentions.


Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2015

Budweiser’s Lost Dog Commercial

Budweiser has perfected the emotional roller coaster. This commercial played off of their commercial in 2014, which included puppies and sentimental music making us all go “awwwww.” After a car accident, the yellow lab and his horse friends are separated when the puppy runs away. He starts his journey to get back to home when the horses come to his rescue.

“Like a girl” Like a Girl

P&G’s feminine care line, Always, took advantage of the popularity of their commercial, #LikeAGirl and shortened it for the Super Bowl. And it was just as impactful. The commercial asks adult men and women what it means to do so something “like a girl.” Then they asked young girls the same question to show the difference, and ask “why” and “when” doing something “like a girl” became an insult.

Dorito’s “When Pigs Fly”

When told he could have some Doritos “when pigs fly,” this commercial’s protagonist thinks #challengeaccepted, and gets right to work. He engineers a jet pack for his pig and sends him soaring across the farm, and finally gets his Doritos.

Microsoft’s “Braylon”

Super Bowl 2015 commercials really tugged on our heart strings. Microsoft tells us the story of a little boy with two prosthetic legs who, with the help of Microsoft-technology, can run relays and play like every other kid. Heartwarming and a little tear inducing, this commercial was awesome.

Coca-Cola “#MakeItHappy” Coca Cola

Soda spills in a data center and sends an electric shock to computers everywhere, taking negative messages on screens and turning them positive. Coca-Cola is taking on cyber-bullies everywhere and sending a message to everyone that bullying isn’t cool and to #MakeItHappy.


Honorable Mentions

Nationwide “Invisible”

No one notices Mindy Kaling, which leads Mindy to the obvious conclusion that she is invisible and therefore can do whatever she wants. Mindy walks down a grocery aisle eating ice cream out of the container, walks through a running car wash, and then learns that she is actually not invisible when she smells Matt Damon’s neck … and he is not happy with the unwanted attention.

Esurance “Walter White”

Brian Cranston, as Walter White from Breaking Bad, plays a pharmacist in this Esurance commercial centered on their tagline “Sorta you isn’t you.” The commercial would have been better if the show was still playing on TV, making it feel less than relevant. But all the same, it was a pretty clever commercial.


Who doesn’t love the minions? This movie trailer stood out from the various others because it themed their commercial around the game rather than it being a shortened version of their usual trailer. The minions are seen in stadium seating, up to their normal antics and enjoying the game … when havoc breaks loose.


All of us at TAG enjoy watching these commercials, and are excited to see what advertisers are preparing for us this year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter as we live-tweet our favorite commercials during the game!