Top Five Christmas Adverts for Christmas, 2013

Ah, Christmas time! Filled with snow flurries, eggnog and holiday advertisement cheer.

Read on for TAG’s top five Christmas advert picks for 2013 and why they work!


Who it is: M&Ms

Why it works: The gold tone of this ad radiates the warm and fuzzy feeling that is the holiday season. The Norman Rockwell traditional Christmas setting is juxtaposed by talking M&Ms, which is cute and comedic. Plus, they make Santa fall down. Making Santa fall down is always funny.


Who it is: Coca-Cola

Why it works: Coca-Cola promotes the social message of helping others, while plugging their product into each scene. Thus, tying the brand to altruistic values.

At simpler level, seeing Santa’s workshop and elves is always fun for a holiday advertisement. Santa’s ending sentence, “You believe in me, and I believe in you,” is also a nice touch, promoting the value of good faith.


Who it is: John Lewis

Why it works: The 2-D animation in this advertisement is impressive because it takes longer to make than traditional 3-D. Further, the use of animals takes us to a perspective one never thinks about – the bear who always misses out on Christmas fun. The hare’s thoughtfulness is heart wrenching and adorable, and the reveal of the alarm clock at the end ingenious.


Who it is: Bank of America

Why it works: Ugly Christmas sweaters are an unspoken joke that everyone can identify with. Running with this to promote their service is clever – though I’d like to argue I think Christmas sweaters get a bad rap, right next to the fruit cake!


Who it is: Kohl’s

Why it works: The twinkle of Christmas decorations promotes all the warm fuzzy feeling of the holidays, which everyone enjoys this time of year. The plot line suggests a young couple’s first Christmas together, which many can relate with. At the end of the ad we discover they were in fact decorating an elderly woman’s apartment, which tops off the sentimental value. Kohl’s plugs their logo and products in several places throughout the video, tying it to these happy, heart-warming feelings.


Comment and tell us which ad is your favorite!


Happy Holidays!

The TAG team


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By Todd Steffens, Videographer, Editor and Animator


Three Tips for Getting Creative Video Shots

Increased web consumption has made it advantageous for businesses to utilize video not only for television, but also on their website, social media pages and YouTube channel.

The more creative your shots, the better job the video does in grabbing viewers’ attention. Check out three tips from TAG on how to score creativity points with your viewers through video!



Get Moving:

Movement helps bring life and energy to your video shots. Experiment with a variety of methods, including a handheld, platform dolly for horizontal movement or crane jib for vertical movement to see which works best for your project. We used a dolly to get this shot.



Attend to the Details:

Videos keep their viewers’ attention by including a variety of camera angles. Do this by cutting in and out on your subject, framing different elements. This could be anything from a close up on a face or pair of hands, to a wide angle shot showing the entire room.



Think Shallow:

When it comes to your camera’s depth of field that is. A shallow depth of field helps the viewer’s eye focus on the main subject matter of your video, by keeping other content in the shot out of focus. Achieve this by opening your camera’s iris as wide as possible, also known as the f-stop, while adjusting the shutter speed for brightness.


Getting creative shots takes both time and planning. Get expert assistance with your next video production by contacting the TAG team today!


Todd Steffens, Videographer, Editor and Animator

Five tips for a successful video shoot

TAG Demo 9-10-13.Still009

You’ve created a YouTube account, and can’t wait to get shooting. Boosted Search Engine Optimization here you come!

Keep in mind, however, that to send a professional message to your audience the shots have to show it. Make sure your first video is a success, with these five quick tips!

1.      Use a tripod

If your video is too shaky it can make your audience seasick, as well as question your ability to perform in other elements of your business – such as your product or service.

2.      Think about lighting

When natural lighting isn’t available, or lighting is poor, artificial light sources are beneficial to use. One way to create a balanced look with artificial lighting is to have one light in front of the subject and one in back.

3.      Consider Placement

Try to use a relevant background for all your shots – including interviews. Relevant backgrounds add context, and is more visually appealing than a blank, white wall.

4.      Take your time with B-roll

Let the camera roll for more than five to 10 seconds when gathering your b-roll. When it comes time to edit, you’ll thank yourself for having so much more to work with.

5.       Don’t overcomplicate things

If you don’t know how to use the manual settings on your camera, then stick to the AUTO setting.

Bonus Tips:

On the day of your shoot, make sure your batteries are charged, extra SD cards are packed and your camera lens is clean. In addition, using headphones while your shooting helps ensure sound quality.

Good Luck!

Todd Steffens Videographer, Editor & Animator at TAG