Marry content and execution for truly impactful video marketing

The importance of production value can’t be overlooked when creating a successful video marketing strategy. It matters both what you say and how you say it, which we refer to as content and execution.

Content: what do you want to tell your audience?

The first part of producing an effective video is creating great content. At TAG, we often collaborate with our entire creative team to get the best ideas on the table and develop content that is well-crafted, direct and concise.

Execution: how do you want to deliver that message?

The other part of high production value is the execution of your message delivery. How you deliver your content is a huge part of your video’s effectiveness. For instance, emotional messaging enhances your message and overall brand.


Find out more about production value and TAG’s video skills on our website. For high quality content and execution, TAG… we’re it!

Telling stories in 30 seconds

Lately, I’ve noticed when I tell a friend the story of my fun-filled weekend, my fun-filled weekend is somehow compacted into only a few short sentences.

Perhaps my abbreviated stories are a result of the short attention span of my 3 year-old niece who just wants to get back to watching Wubbzy.  Perhaps my stories are shortened because I live in a world in which we regularly communicate in 140 characters or less.  More likely, though, my stories have become more succinct because I’ve spent the last decade of my life figuring out creative ways to fit a meaningful story into a few brief seconds.  That challenge is what makes being an audio / video producer so enjoyable to me.

When considering a video production, radio or television spot, it’s important to think of your project in terms of communicating a worthwhile story.  When told with some sort of emotion, a story is a way to get consumers to pay attention to what otherwise is nothing more than a sales pitch.  The task is crafting an impactful story in a matter of seconds, while driving home a key message.  Every client is different, every message is different, which means every story is different.  Writing and executing a precision story is what we do at TAG everyday, in all different facets of advertising, not just audio and video.

In a TV spot we recently produced for Wayne Montgomery Cash & Carry, an affordably priced flooring purchase saves our main character so much money that he throws a party, gets a promotion, vacations in Miami, meets a lovely lady and lives happily ever after.  All this happens in just thirty seconds.  Check it out here!

Ahhh…admittedly, writing this blog feels pretty refreshing in contrast to my normal thirty-second-story-editing mindset.  I actually just passed three hundred words.  Maybe I’ll tell someone a full two-minute story tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll write a novel.  Anybody have a LONG-form video project?  For more examples of how we tell stories through audio and video here at TAG Communications, visit our YouTube channel.

As Producer, Justin Hall oversees the conceptualization and execution of audio and video productions at TAG Communications.