The Value of Social Video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is made up of 24 pictures in each second! Are you incorporating the use of video into your social media strategy? Video captures a moment in a unique way that words and photos cannot.

According to Cisco, 80 percent of global Internet traffic will be video by 2019.  The use of video on social media platforms is exploding—with no sign of slowing down.  Whether your business uses Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or multiple platforms, video needs to be an integral part of your action plan.

No matter what your industry, there’s a way that you can utilize social video to engage your target audience.


Give your audience a backstage pass

Give your followers a sneak peek into your day-to-day work or show off your silly side.  This is a great tool to let your followers get to know you better and to build brand loyalty.

#DanceParty Friday’s at the TAG office!

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How-to videos If you’re like us, your Facebook newsfeed is blowing up with videos of people making amazing looking food and showing you how. Utilizing video to show your followers how to do something is one of the easiest and engaging ways to create content.



Show off your talents Show off your talents or how to do something in your videos. You can use your social media platforms and video to highlight your skills and talents. These videos are mesmerizing and engaging!



Highlight your products, or launch a new one 

Show off your products in a fun way that appeals to your audience’s interest and curiosity.



Facebook’s Algorithm Update

Social video is growing increasingly important with updates to Facebook’s algorithm.  With this update, Facebook will put more emphasis on the use of native video files. Your content is more likely to show up in your followers’ newsfeeds after this update when you embed a video in your status updates, rather than sharing a YouTube video link.


Video is a great way to engage your audience and add fun, compelling content to your social media library. TAG is your go-to source for creating professional-quality social videos to compliment a great social strategy, effectively engaging your target audience to take action. Visit our website today to get started on your first social video!


Five Key Social Media Strategies to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Five Key Social Media Strategies to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Are you ready to take your brand’s social media presence to the ultimate level? Make your business stand out amongst a sea of competitors with these five must-use social media marketing strategies.

1. Make your content stand out: How can you make your business stand out amongst your competitors? Easy—make your social media content stand out with eye-catching visuals, interesting links and crazy-good headlines. Programs such as Canva or Recite allow you to create engaging visuals with user-friendly platforms and step-by-step tutorials. When it comes to writing the ultimate social media headlines, keep in mind that less is more. In fact, headlines with eight words or less or proven to perform 21 percent better than longer headlines. It’s also been proven that headlines that end with a question mark or three explanation points get twice as many clicks than those without!!!

2. Strengthen your network: If you find that you are not getting the engagement you would like on your company’s social media platforms, it may be time to strengthen and expand your network. To do this, try creating or joining various LinkedIn groups to spark more connections and conversations around your products or services. You can also follow your competitors or industry-leaders’ profiles for some inspiration, and ensure you are keeping up with latest industry trends. It’s always a good idea to stay on top of what your competitors are up to.

How Often to Post3. Be consistent: In order to stay top-of-mind amongst your audiences, it’s important that you market and post consistently across all social media platforms. When it comes to posting, it’s important that you strike a balance between being informative and annoying; posting too much about your products can cause your consumers to become annoyed, and unfollow you. While frequency for posting varies from platform to platform, research suggests that the posting “sweet spot” for Facebook is two times per day, seven days a week. Publishing five to 10 posts per week is usually a good rule of thumb.

4. Show you care: Did you know that followers typically expect a response from companies within one hour of posting? Show your followers you care by responding to your followers’ comments and reviews—good or bad—in a timely manner. In addition to responding to customers, don’t be afraid to retweet customers’ praise and thank individual customers for their continued support. The more personal you can get with responses or posts, the better!

5. Go campaign crazy: In the age of diminishing organic social reach, paid campaigns offer a great way to expand your reach and thoroughly engage your audience. Now–a-days, companies with the best social media presence are using contests and other social media campaigns to successfully gain visibility and generate leads. To keep up with this trend, try providing your audience with valuable incentives that encourage audience participation, and platform your company as an industry-leader.

When it comes to leveraging your company’s social media presence, remember …. TAG, we’re it! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

St. Patty’s Day Partyers

St. Patty’s Day Partyers

St. Patrick’s Day is when everyone is suddenly Irish. It’s the holiday everyone celebrates like they’re in college again, and it’s socially acceptable! No matter where you are, you are sure to run into some of these people when you’re out celebrating!

The Pinchers
There’s always that one person who is obsessed with whether you’re wearing green or not and will most definitely pinch you if you aren’t. When did assaulting someone for not wearing green become okay? If you’re one of these people, it’s time to reevaluate your celebration strategy.

St Patricks Day2The Over Achievers
These are the most obnoxious. They can’t limit their celebration to merely wearing a green shirt. They’re decked out from head-to-toe in green, even going as far as to wear green wigs and tutus. They’ll encourage you to “get into the spirit,” but at the end of the night you can generally find them passed out in the middle of the bar with their glass still full of green beer.

The Pros
Sometimes the pros can be mistaken for over achievers. While they embrace the spirit of the holiday and wear green, they don’t go overboard. And they have tricks up their sleeves to make sure they’re not the ones passing out mid green ale.

Party Poopers
These non-participants refuse to wear green and are the epitome of the Grinch for St. Patrick’s Day. However, friends seem to force these people to come to the bars with them in the hopes that they’ll enjoy themselves and learn to love the holiday too.

Actual Irish People Green Beer
If you’re hitting up the local Irish pub, you’re likely to run into someone who is actually Irish and would have likely been at the bar anyway. While some Irish folk get offended by the rest of us taking over their holiday, others don’t mind at all. Especially because they know that if they tell someone they’re Irish, it’s probable they’ll get a free drink out of it—but they probably prefer beer that isn’t green.


Keep in mind, if you can’t spot them, you just might be one! And remember that leprechauns can’t be trusted.



Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2015

Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2015

The best part about the Super Bowl is always the commercials. The Super Bowl has given us commercials like the E-Trade baby, and the VW one where the kid is dressed like Darth Vader and turns on a car using “the force.” To get us excited for this year’s commercials, we took a look back at last year’s commercials and picked our top five, as well as three honorable mentions.


Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2015

Budweiser’s Lost Dog Commercial

Budweiser has perfected the emotional roller coaster. This commercial played off of their commercial in 2014, which included puppies and sentimental music making us all go “awwwww.” After a car accident, the yellow lab and his horse friends are separated when the puppy runs away. He starts his journey to get back to home when the horses come to his rescue.

“Like a girl” Like a Girl

P&G’s feminine care line, Always, took advantage of the popularity of their commercial, #LikeAGirl and shortened it for the Super Bowl. And it was just as impactful. The commercial asks adult men and women what it means to do so something “like a girl.” Then they asked young girls the same question to show the difference, and ask “why” and “when” doing something “like a girl” became an insult.

Dorito’s “When Pigs Fly”

When told he could have some Doritos “when pigs fly,” this commercial’s protagonist thinks #challengeaccepted, and gets right to work. He engineers a jet pack for his pig and sends him soaring across the farm, and finally gets his Doritos.

Microsoft’s “Braylon”

Super Bowl 2015 commercials really tugged on our heart strings. Microsoft tells us the story of a little boy with two prosthetic legs who, with the help of Microsoft-technology, can run relays and play like every other kid. Heartwarming and a little tear inducing, this commercial was awesome.

Coca-Cola “#MakeItHappy” Coca Cola

Soda spills in a data center and sends an electric shock to computers everywhere, taking negative messages on screens and turning them positive. Coca-Cola is taking on cyber-bullies everywhere and sending a message to everyone that bullying isn’t cool and to #MakeItHappy.


Honorable Mentions

Nationwide “Invisible”

No one notices Mindy Kaling, which leads Mindy to the obvious conclusion that she is invisible and therefore can do whatever she wants. Mindy walks down a grocery aisle eating ice cream out of the container, walks through a running car wash, and then learns that she is actually not invisible when she smells Matt Damon’s neck … and he is not happy with the unwanted attention.

Esurance “Walter White”

Brian Cranston, as Walter White from Breaking Bad, plays a pharmacist in this Esurance commercial centered on their tagline “Sorta you isn’t you.” The commercial would have been better if the show was still playing on TV, making it feel less than relevant. But all the same, it was a pretty clever commercial.


Who doesn’t love the minions? This movie trailer stood out from the various others because it themed their commercial around the game rather than it being a shortened version of their usual trailer. The minions are seen in stadium seating, up to their normal antics and enjoying the game … when havoc breaks loose.


All of us at TAG enjoy watching these commercials, and are excited to see what advertisers are preparing for us this year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter as we live-tweet our favorite commercials during the game!