About Us

TAG Communications is a full-service marketing and advertising agency with locations in the Quad Cities and Tri-State area. TAG…we’re it!

TAG’s Mission/Vision Statement: To be recognized as the most valued business partner by our clients, an engaged corporate citizen of our community and an innovative leader within our industry. We will provide a workplace environment that fosters personal growth and creates a confident, motivated and creative team of professional specialists. We will do this with a unified commitment, uncommon energy and adventurous spirit.

We consider every client relationship an investment. If we do our job well, our investment provides a return as the client grows and gains faith in us. That’s why we take advantage of every opportunity to further your cause, work whatever hours it takes, celebrate every victory and suffer every setback.

To us, the most interesting thing about this is the fact that it’s not the product of our mission statement or a part of a carefully crafted culture, it’s simply who we are. Oh, and we do have a mission. Like us, it’s simple and direct. We dedicate ourselves to making every client we touch more successful, smarter and happier with what they do.

Our vision? If we stick to our mission, we see a region full of successful enterprises we’ve helped achieve better lives for more people. To us, that’s success.

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